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More than a trend, electronic gadgets and mobile accessories have become a necessity. Although Amani has been catering to people for more than a decade, we decided to expand our wings even more. This led us to launch our online store to improve people’s lives through advanced technology as well as quality products. After being one of the industry leaders in the mobile battery segment, we have added a host of new and quirky mobile accessories to our list of offerings. The advanced technology, sleek design and innovative features of all our products make them a must-have for you.



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Customer Service

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Product Quality

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Distribution Network

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The goal we follow is simple, ‘customer satisfaction and provision of creative, high-tech and advanced products’. These pillars have kept us going in the industry for years now and we continue to work with the same fervour. Our first guiding principle, customer satisfaction helps us to understand the changing needs of people and adapt the products accordingly. Fine-tuning the products in accordance with the enhancing technology and changing requirements of customers makes them a pro on the utility front. The second guiding principle, ‘provision of creative, high-tech and advanced products’ help us to make people’s lives easier and aided by technology.


It is our commitment to make tech gadgets readily available and accessible to everyone across the country. And, in order to cater to the same purpose, we offer a flexible shopping experience at our online store. Not only can you get top-class tech gadgets but our mobile accessories are drool-worthy. We offer express delivery services right at your doorstep, in every corner of the country. Additionally, our return/exchange services are simple and you can choose to pay us from a plethora of payment options available while finalizing the order. 

Bluetooth Mini Speaker
Bluetooth Mini Speaker


Our business provides B2C products and all of them are crafted creatively by Amani. We take pride in being the 1st Swadeshi Made Tech Manufacture and consequently contribute our bit towards the Make in India campaign of the country. By offering top-class mobile accessories and following our guiding principles we at Amani strive to make our brand a household name. We at Amani will continue to inspire fresh ideas from innovative and advanced techniques. In a nutshell, we are dedicated to serving people so that they choose and use the best electronic gadgets and mobile accessories.


wall charger for smartphone

Our online store offers a wide range of electronic gadgets across many categories and price ranges. We at Amani Mart make sure to provide electronic gadgets that suit the budget range of every customer. Additionally, we try that none of the customers returns empty-handed after landing on our online store. All in all, we are a one-stop platform for customers who wish to buy the best tech gadgets. We offer the following products:

  • Power Banks (Wired and Wireless) 
  • Chargers 
  • Battery 
  • Electronics (Keyboards, Rotating car mount holder stand, etc) 
  • Smartwatches
  • Audio (Earphone, Neckband, Headphone, Speaker, TWS) 
  • Cable (Card Reader, OTG, Charging Cable, Data Cable, Aux cable) 
  • Laptop / Desktop Accessories (Mouse, Keyboard)

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