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8 Reasons Why you need a Power Bank

8 Reasons Why you need a Power Bank

In this digital era, we are becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones. Most of the work can be done through a smartphone whether you have to record videos, take photos, talk to someone and many more. But with all this work the phone can run out of battery quickly. Today’s smartphones have better battery life than the previous generation but still, they run out in the long run. 

The solution to this problem is having a power bank with you in case of emergencies like you forgot to charge your phone, while you are travelling and many others. In these kinds of situations, a power bank can be beneficial. Here are 8 reasons why you need a power bank.

8 reasons why you need a power bank


Before the smartphone people used to travel with only essentials like clothes, toiletries and food. Since the smart devices have come travelling has changed drastically, now people also carry their Bluetooth speakers, smartphone, laptop and cameras. So that they can work remotely. But while travelling often we spend our time at the airport, train stations and bus stations. Where we spend our time scrolling through smartphones which drains their battery. Due to this in case of emergencies, we get stuck on a low battery percentage. To avoid that from happening to carry a power bank would be beneficial. 


Power banks come in different shapes and sizes, the smaller it is the less charge it has. But right now that’s not the case. Some brands have also created compact power banks that have much less weight than any average power bank. But it comes at a price, with the compact size you get less battery so you will only be able to charge your smartphone once. However, the bigger power bank with a capacity of up to 30,000mAh can charge your smartphone multiple times and can be used to charge a laptop and Bluetooth speaker too. Apple’s new MagSafe Battery pack is just like a compact power bank and some other brands are also creating smaller power banks.


When you are out into the woods with your friends or family, staying connected to the digital world is also important in case of an emergency you can contact the hospital or police. But what if all your digital instruments run out of charge? In this kind of situation having a power bank is important. So you can keep your smartphone charged and can upload photos of yourself and nature on social media. Some power banks can be charged directly through sunlight, which solves most of the problems.

For Gamers

As the gaming industry is evolving smartphone brands are launching new devices every year better than before in terms of everything. But during long gaming sessions, they run out of battery too. However, while you are at home or the office it can be charged. But there are games like PokemonGo where players had to move continuously to play it. During crucial stages when you see battery low sign could be a buzz kill. To avoid that situation carrying a standard 10,000mAh power bank can help you win. 


In today’s time, most of us had to commute in trains and metros to reach our office or home. This travel can be more than 1.5 hours and during that time most people face battery low on their smartphones. At times as these most people had wished I’d own a power bank. Having your smartphone, tablet or laptop during these journeys can fly the time. You can watch any video on YouTube or any movie. Simultaneously the device will be getting charged so there will be o interruptions. 


When you are at an event one thing that people like the most capturing memories through their smartphone cameras. But did you know? That using a phone camera also plays a major role in the battery draining. This time you won’t be able to charge your smartphone through a charger, so the best option is through a power bank. So you can don’t face any interruption between your video recordings or photography.  

Forget to charge your phone

In the morning first thing an average person do is check their smartphone for new messages, daily news and some fun video. After that, they get to their daily routine but sometimes you can forget to charge your smartphone. This can be a problem while you are commuting as it can get switched off during online payments. To avoid this from happening owing a power bank is beneficial as you can charge your smartphone on the go. During that time you can also binge-watch your favourite content without any interruptions. 

For wallet

A bigger capacity power bank can be heavy which makes them a bit hassle to carry everywhere. An average power bank capacity is 10,000mAh which can charge your smartphone almost three times and some power banks are also able to charge laptops. But they are much heavier, not everyone can carry them around. This takes us to a much smaller power bank, these come in different shapes and sizes. 

Many companies create much smaller and portable power banks but they are only able to give your enough power to click some photos or make a call. There are some companies like Apple which have created smaller and faster battery packs. However, Apple MagSafe battery packs can only be used with iPhones. If you have an Android smartphone you can explore some other options. But do remember these smaller power banks cost much more than standard power banks as the companies have to make them a much compact size. Some smaller power banks can also be carried in walled but their width may get in the way. 

So, here are 8 reasons why you need a power bank. If you were looking to buy a power bank keep in mind your usage pattern and then accordingly make the choice.

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