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Neckband VS True Wireless Earbud: Which One you Should Buy?

Neckband VS True Wireless Earbud: Which One you Should Buy?

The one thing that most people love is listening to music, whether they are working out or doing studies. The one thing we going to use is either earphones or headphones. Why not!? As they are the most convenient way to listen to music. No matter where you are just connect the earphone and start vibing to your favourite music.

But there are many different types of audio products available in the market which makes it more confusing to find the right device for yourself. The most common products people are purchasing are neckbands or TWS. But how would someone know which one they should buy? Right! Each product has its pros and cons which makes it more clear for the user to buy the right one.

Design and Form Factor

Neckbands have a more comfortable design as the earphones are connected to a collar that sits on your neck. Neckbands offer you a more flexible approach if you doing any active work like playing sports, working out or running. It sits on your neck which gives them some extra grip to stay in place. It also has an auto disconnect feature which activates when you connect both the ear tips, this feature provides your some extra hours of battery life so you can binge listen to your favourite tracks without interruptions.

Whereas, TWS has a more compact and modern design which looks cool. It comes in a charging case which can be carried in the pocket and whenever you feel like listening just put them in your ears and done. However, earbuds are much easier to lose as they are lighter and are not connected with anything. So when you are playing any sports or working out they might fall out and you won’t be able to notice. 

Comfortable Wear

Both products have their comfort levels if the neckband is properly designed you won’t feel any kind of irritation or stress on your ears. However, with earbuds, it may take some time to get comfortable as there are no wires it's just an earbud which makes us check it every time. TWS are much lighter as you get comfortable with using them, soon you won’t even notice you have been wearing them. 

But the comfort also matters in the design and build quality of the product. If the product is not properly designed and manufactured you will start to feel irritation in your ear which might cause some redness and rashes in the long run. So if you are looking to buy one make sure to check the design properly then choose which suits better to your ear shape.  

Battery Life

When you are continuously using an electronic device it will run out of battery quickly. The battery life of a Bluetooth device also depends on the user. If you are using them regularly then it will provide you with much less battery life than the company claimed. However, to get a good battery life on your neckband or TWS you can use them on 50% audio output which will give some extra juice. Neckband and TWS come with much better battery life than ever. You can get up to 30 hours of music playback on a single charge. 

But battery neckbands are fitted inside the collar so they can provide you with a much better running time. Where the battery on TWS is present within the earbuds it can get discharged much faster than you have to put them in their respective case and so they will charge. Both the products support fast charging which can give you up to 100 hours of music playback on a 10 minutes charge. However, this depends on the manufacturing company and which tech they are providing the users. 

Sound & Call Quality

Sound quality is the most important factor in any audio product, a user buys one only when they feel they are getting something worth using. The sound quality is also dependent on the company, and how they have tuned their neckband or TWS. Most of the neckband components are located in the collar which gives the buds some extra space to place someplace bigger drivers which provide a much more balanced and punchy bass. Where the TWS have a compact design and the battery is also fitted in the earbuds which gives less space to provide bigger drivers.

However, you can always get something better than the other if you can spend some extra bucks. But TWS costs more than the neckbands. The microphone on the neckband is located on the collar which sits directly below your mouth, whereas on the TWS the microphone is near your ear which sometimes causes problems while calling. Both devices have good sound quality but cannot be used to play games as they are connected through Bluetooth so the output can be delayed. 

Which one you should buy?

Now the question remains is which one you should buy? Well, the answer is pretty simple if you are into active sports then the neckbands are a much better option for you. If you want something compact and lighter in weight you can go for the TWS. The TWS looks cooler and gives you the real true wireless experience but the chances of it getting is more than the neckband. If you are okay with some wires but also want a hands-free experience the neckband would be the right choice, as it's much cheaper and provide good specification on budget. The battery life on the neckband is also better than TWS.

So, here was the comparison between neckbands VS TWS which will help you make a better choice for yourself. Now all that’s left is to buy your next device based on your preference, and we hope that you have made up your mind!

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