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At Amani Mart, we facilitate the Partnership with individuals/businesses, in form of ‘Distributors’ to serve our customers in the best possible way. The term ‘distributors’ with regards to Amani Mart refers to the individuals from different parts/cities of India who procure a wide range of Amani Mart products (like mobile batteries, smart-watches, headphones, mobile phone chargers, etc) from our headquarter and consequently sell it in their respective local area (through a brick-mortar shop), under the name of Amani Mart only. Therefore, the distributors are a crucial part of the Amani Mart’s ecosystem who provide the needed support to cater to our customers residing in tier-2 and tier -3 cities. Because we sought to reach customers residing in even the remote corners so that they can easily access buy Amani Mart products either online or through the distributors. We extend the option of partnering with us as ‘Distributors’ to every individual interested in selling the products that have in our manufacturing portfolio and sell through our online website as well. The individuals, shopkeepers or vendors interested to partner with us as distributors can reach us out and discuss the same. We believe in networking through collaboration with the distributors and henceforth creating a solid ecosystem of Amani Mart. So, we welcome all the vendors working in the same industry as ours, with open arms.

Become a Partner
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Amani Partners

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Here are meaningful reasons for you to become a ‘distributor’ with Amani Mart.

Additionally, not only add value to your existing business but above all, it would be valuable for Amani Mart.

Why wait? If you wish to become a distributor with us, connect with us.

Mobile Number: 91-9810304220
Email ID: info@amanimart.com

  • Help us reach a larger number of customers:
    While we try to cater for the needs of our consumers wanting to buy the products we deal in, through our e-store, a significant number of consumers still are in the process of getting aware of our e-store. Under such a situation, we do not want that any consumer to go with any random products and get flawless access to top-quality Amani Mart Products.
  • Together we serve the consumers comfortable with brick-and-mortar shops:
    Even in the present digital age, many consumers are still comfortable in buying products like smartwatches, mobile phone batteries, chargers, headphones, etc through a brick-mortar shop or a local vendor only after testing the concerned them. In order to facilitate such consumers, we collaborate and work in unison with our distributors as well as provide them with the best quality products.
  • Gain value through our brand:
    Amani has been in the industry of mobile phone accessories for a long time. But, we recently expanded by wings and began to deal in a variety of other products. SinceAmani is an established brand in the market, getting associated with us in form of our ‘distributors’ will provide you with the expertise of doing business in this industry.
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